X9 Weekly Update

April 6-9

The focus of this week is to get students familiar with the online platform of Microsoft Teams and to catch up on any previously assigned work for Term 3.

Please check your MyEd accounts to see if you are missing any assignments. Here is the link from the School District site, if needed (https://sd33.bc.ca/myeducation-student-portal). If you have questions about missing work, please contact subject teachers directly via their email address or through Microsoft Teams.

MyBlueprint – you will need to complete all of your Term 3 MyBlueprint assignments and then we will be done with blueprint for the balance of the school year. Here is a list of the Term 3 assignments: Term 3 – Blueprint. You can log into your Blueprint account through: https://myblueprint.ca/.

Microsoft Teams – This is the platform we will be using for the foreseeable future. You can use your school district login information to access all of the Microsoft Office products online at https://www.office.com/. Please spend some time getting familiar with the Teams app (communicate with other students in our classes, send a message to Mr. Larsen or Mrs. Hartfield, ask other teachers about missing work, etc.). See your Teams app for learning opportunities.

March 9-16


Science – begin electricity review – TEST THURSDAY


PHE – Group 2 – Curling session #2 – bring an additional pair of shoes

Humanities – Group 1 – Child Labour today &  in the Industrial Revolution – poster due Friday


Science – continue with electricity review (building circuits)

Thursday: – PARENT-TEACHER Interviews (6-8:30pm – signup online)

Science – Electricity TEST

Friday: – EARLY DISMISSAL DAY – out by 11:30am

PHE – journal focus and minor games

March 2-6


Science – complete section 3.4 – parallel loads in homes – group questions – begin section 3.5 on sustainable energy use (notes with BC Hydro bill example)

Humanities – Child Labour – Industrial Revolution – Graphic Organizer


PHE – Group 1 – Curling session #2 – bring an additional pair of shoes

Humanities – Group 2 – Child Labour today &  in the Industrial Revolution – poster due Friday


Science – continue with section 3.5 – concepts 1 and 2

Humanities – Revolutions Project Day 1 – due Thursday, March 12


Science – notes on renewable energy sources; pages 263 #1-4,6

Humanities – Revolutions Project Day 2 – due Thursday, March 12


PHE – River trek from the Blue Heron Nature Reserve to GWG – Dress appropriately


February 24-28

Monday, Feb. 24

Science – Collect series/parallel circuits worksheet; start “Putting it all Together” activity

Tuesday, Feb. 25

Science – continue with “Putting it all Together” activity (DUE THURSDAY)

Wednesday. Feb. 26

PHE – Circuit Training day #4 – come with proper clothing/change of clothes for activity

Thursday, Feb. 27

Science – complete “Putting it all Together” activity; Current electricity QUIZ

Friday, Feb. 28

OUT-TRIP – Teapot Hill Hike – come with proper clothing and footwear for the activity

February 17-21

Monday, Feb. 17Family Day – No School

Tuesday, Feb. 18

Humanities – Compare/Contrast Haitian Revolution and Chinese Cultural Revolution (group work – Venn Diagram)

Science – collect 10.4 GFFSA practice worksheets; notes on series vs parallel circuits; circuit building; QUIZ Thursday

Wednesday, Feb. 19

Humanities – Introduction to the Industrial Revolution – assignment

PHE – circuit training day #3 – bring appropriate clothing

Thursday, Feb. 20

Humanities – Agricultural Revolution – info and writing activity

Science – GFFSA Quiz with Ohm’s  Law

Blueprint – Course selection activity; term 3 blueprint assignments

Friday, Feb. 21 – Professional Development Day – No School

February 3-7

Monday, Feb. 3

PHE – Vedder River Stair fitness run – dress for the weather

Tuesday, Feb. 4

PHE – Skating out-trip – remember to bring your skates or $4 cash to rent skate a pair

Wednesday, Feb. 5

Science – collect questions on pages 199#1-8; Section 3.1 assessment; notes on 3.2 with demo

Humanities – Ms. Lightle (teacher candidate) begins; introduction to the new unit, class and community expectations, introductions as she begins her practicum

Thursday, Feb. 6

Science – demo; notes on 3.3 with videos

Humanities – new Revolutions unit – moving beyond the revolutions we have previously studied and determining the characteristics, focus on cause and consequence

Friday, Feb. 7

Science – complete 3.3 notes; questions #1-8 on page 227; circuit kits

Humanities – looking at the differences between various rebellions and revolutions

January 27-31

Monday, January 27

Sc – intro to Physics – Electricity unit – will be signing out new textbooks to all students (Homework to complete questions 1 and 2 on page 193)

Humanities – Napoleon Biography Notes (from video)

Tuesday, January 28

Sc – continue with electricity; check questions 1 and 2; Activity: Charge It; complete notes (homework page 197 number 1 and 2)

Humanities – Napoleon Article Notes and Timeline

Wednesday, January 29

PHE – introduce Health Unit – “What is Health?” – physical health will be the first focus and will intro the river/stair run and circuit training coming up

Humanities – “Viva La Vida” analysis and Napoleon Timeline

Thursday, January 30

Sc – check questions, Activity on idea energy sources; questions on pages 199#2-6, 8 – assessment Wednesday

Humanities – Napoleon Timeline and paragraph outline; Timeline is due Monday

Friday, January 31

PHE – Fitness Circuits

Humanities – Napoleon Timeline due Monday; In-class write on Napoleon

January 20-24

Monday, January 20

Humanities assessment: 8:30am-11am*

PHE assessment: 12pm-2:30pm*

*students required to be in class for a minimum 1hr15min and are free to leave after that time, once their assessment is done

Tuesday, January 21

Non-GrahamX classes

Wednesday, January 22

Science assessment: 8:30am-11am*

Catch-up period to complete any/all missing work for our 4 classes: 12pm-2:30pm*

*students required to be in class for a minimum 1hr15min and are free to leave after that time, once their assessment is done

Thursday, January 23

Non-GrahamX classes

Friday, January 24

Success Day – 8:30-11am: complete any/all missing work from any of your classes

January 13-17

Monday, January 13

Schools Closed – Snow Day

Tuesday, January 14

Hum – Wrap up French Revolution:

Wednesday, January 15

Hum – French Revolution:

  • Bastille Writing due
  • French Revolution in-class assessment (primary source evidence)

Thursday, January 16

Hum – French Revolution:

  • French Revolution in-class assessment (historical thinking concepts – project based)

Friday, January 17

Bowling Field Trip

January 6-10

Monday, January 6

Sc – start review for midterm (Science Midterm January 21st) – Ecology

Hum – French Revolution – Characteristics of an Absolute Monarch/Louis XIV

*Independent Novel Study due Monday, Jan. 13*

Tuesday, January 7

Sc – continue with Ecology review

Hum – French Revolution – Characteristics of an Absolute Monarch/Louis XIV (due tomorrow)

Wednesday, January 8

Sc – continue with review

Hum – French Revolution work – finish Yertle the Turtle/French Revolution page; p. 72-76 questions (Click here for textbook pages if needed: p. 72-76 of Crossroads)

Thursday, January 9

PHE – play day – on campus minor games

Hum – French Revolution work

Friday, January 10

Sc – continue with review

Hum – French Revolution work

*Independent Novel Study due Monday, Jan. 13*


December 16-20

Monday, December 16

PHE – going outside to play some of the minor games that were created

Tuesday, December 17

Science – Chemistry review – TEST THURSDAY

Wednesday, December 18

PHE – fitness run (5-lap run)

Thursday, December 19

Science – Chemistry Unit TEST

Friday, December 20

Make up day – missing work, tests or quizzes from Science, PHE, Socials and/or English, complete MyBlueprint for term 2


December 9-13

Monday, December 9

Sc – Build a Chemistry unit test (review activity) – 25 questions (5 multiple choice, 5 true/false, 5 fill in the blank vocab, 10 table/Bohr models) with answer key

Humanities – Battle of Quebec/Fall of New France worksheet and graphic organizer

Resource:  p. 247-248

Tuesday, December 10

PHE – complete mini-game projects – full write-up (1/group) along with self/group evaluation (1/person)

Humanities – Battle of Quebec/Fall of New France – add to graphic organizer, article and map response

Wednesday, December 11

Sc – complete Chemistry unit test (actual unit test next week!)

Humanities – Pre-Confederation Canadian History Test – Cartier, Champlain, Acadia, New France, Fall of New France/Battle of Quebec, Seven Years War; Independent Novel Study work

Thursday, December 12

PHE – OUT-TRIP! – Skating at Twin Rinks – Bring your own skates (if you have them) or bring $4 cash to rent a pair, and please dress for the activity. We will be skating from 10-11am

Friday, December 13

PHE – Curling Group B (please make sure you bring a second pair of shoes to go on the ice with, as well as your signed waiver if you have yet to return it to Mr. Larsen)

December 2-6

Monday, December 2

Science – check chemistry homework (worksheet on polyatomic and multivalent ionic compounds); review; quick quiz; begin naming notes

Humanities – advertising techniques; start New France advertisement

Resource: New France Chapter

Tuesday, December 3

PHE – Curling Group A (Hartfield’s Advisory)

Blueprint – Career Ed. lessons

Wednesday, December 4

Science – complete notes on naming compounds;  practice worksheet

Humanities – New France advertisement

Thursday, December 5

PHE – mini-games project – write up/trial

Humanities – New France

Friday, December 6

Science – continue with naming ionic and covalent compounds – practice questions

Humanities – New France project due; The Acadians

November 25-29

Monday, November 25

Science – recap Bohr models and Ionic vs Covalent compounds; notes on chemical formulas; 8.1 DS WS on visualizing formulas

Humanities – go over final draft expectations, work on stories

Tuesday, November 26

-Out trip to Bridlewood trail (afternoon) – will need to will out a PHE journal on the experience

Wednesday, November 27

Science – writing formulas for Ionic compounds; notes on section 8.2 then work through examples on formulas (tennis courts if weather allows)

Humanities – hand in final drafts and complete feedback questions; review video and notes on Cartier and Champlain

Thursday, November 28

Science – continue with writing formulas and complete practice sheet – end class with formula writing quiz (/15)

Humanities – Finish Cartier/Champlain; New France introduction; History Minutes Chart

Friday, November 29 – NO SCHOOL – Pro-D Day

November 18-22

Monday, November 18

Science – collect periodic table activity questions; notes on Atomic Theory and Bohr models; complete first side of 7.2 worksheet

Humanities – planning our short stories (planning page)

(If you were absent, please watch these videos:

Finding Ideas;   CharacterThe Essence of Structure)

Tuesday, November 19

PHE – continuing with our “Create your own Minor Game” project – will be outside

Humanities – Rough draft of stories

Wednesday, November 20

Science – check worksheet; work through CYU page 212 #2,3,7,8,10,11 (as class); recap Bohr models; complete backside of worksheet; QUIZ TOMORROW

Humanities – finish rough draft of stories, start editing

Thursday, November 21

Science – Atomic Structure/Bohr model Quiz (/25); recap ions; introduce bonding

Humanities – Editing and proofreading, start final draft (due next week)

Friday, November 22

Out-trip to Browne Creek Wetlands – please make sure you dress for the weather and physical activity

November 12-15

Tuesday, November 12

*bring in your signed Fort Langley permission form, and please pay your $50 course fee*

Science – continue with Chemistry – Periodic Table group activity

Humanities – if you were absent, please watch this video. On Thursday you will be writing about the importance of natural resources in the development of Canada:

Wednesday, November 13

Out trip – Fort Langley – this trip will be for all 4 blocks so students are responsible for any worked missed in their other two classes for the day

*If you were not on the trip, you must complete the Virtual Field Trip for Fort Langley as this info is needed for Thursday’s activity

Thursday, November 14

Science – complete periodic table group activity

Humanities – Fur trade/Fort Langley wrap up – in-class write

Friday, November 15

PHE – Out-Trip – Bridlewood Trail – be prepared for the weather

November 4-8

Monday, November 4

Science – Begin Unit 2: Chemistry – notes on classification of matter (Chem 1 – section 5.1) – CYU page 156 questions 1, 2, 3ab, 4, 5, 7-11

Tuesday, November 5

PHE – outside for mini-games (hultimate, frennis, ultimate) – dress for the cooler temps!

Wednesday, November 6

Science – continue with Chemistry – check homework, notes on chemical and physical changes; homework – complete 1.2 DS WS (double-sided worksheet)

Thursday, November 7

Science – check 1.2 DS WS (/16), demo on KMT, notes on KMT; Chapter 5 QUIZ tomorrow

Friday, November 8

Science – write quiz (/20), rest of the class practicing lab safety and completing the KMT demo challenge

October 28-31

Monday, October 28

PHE – introduce Lacrosse – going outside to play this week to take advantage of the weather and balance the previous two weeks of a heavier academic focus on Science and Socials. Please dress/prepare accordingly

Humanities 9 –

  • Waterways Wrap Up Quiz (focus on Geography and History)
  • “A Sound of Thunder” Paragraph:
    • What effect does figurative language have in the story “A Sound of Thunder?”
    • Content for this is on last week’s graphic organizer
    • Both are due Tuesday

Tuesday, October 29

CLE10 – computers are booked to complete term 1 CLE10 assignments

Humanities – “A Sound of Thunder” Plot and Character work – due tomorrow

Wednesday, October 30

PHE – continue with Lacrosse unit (outside)

Humanities – Reading story in preparation for Thursday’s short story test

Thursday, October 31

PHE – Lacrosse unit – day 3

Humanities – Short Story Test:

  • Part 1 – Closed Book – Matching terminology from handouts
  • Part 2 – Open Notes – Story analysis work

October 21-25

Monday, October 21

Work period – Waterways Project and prep for Cultus Lake out-trip tomorrow

Humanities – Work period – Waterways

Tuesday, October 22

OUT-TRIP – Cultus Lake and Sweltzer Creek – come prepared with appropriate clothing/footwear

must complete graphic organizer linking trip to the sections of our Waterways Project

Wednesday, October 23

Work period – Last day to work on Waterways Project – DUE TOMORROW

Humanities – Reading “A Sound of Thunder” plus figurative language work (graphic organizer)

Thursday, October 24


PHE – Vedder River Fitness run #2 – be prepared to go outside and participate in physical activity

Friday, October 25 – Professional Development Day – No School

October 15-18

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Tuesday, October 15

Science – Create cheat sheet for Ecology Test Thursday

Humanities – Animals and the Fur Trade Chart (Use this chapter: Arrival of the Traders)

Wednesday, October 16

Science – work period – Waterways project and Ecology review

Humanities – Guest speaker from Sto:lo – Waterways/Aboriginal History

Thursday, October 17 – Parent Teacher interviews from 6-8:30pm

Harrison trip has been rescheduled on account of the heavy rain in the weather forecast

Science – Ecology Test

Hum – Waterways work/activity on Harrison River/Lake and Sumas Lake (document with links: Sumas Lake,Harrison links)

Friday, October 18 – Early Dismissal Day – out at 11:26am

PHE – Ultimate Frisbee

Hum – Waterways work period

October 7-11

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Monday, October 7

Sc – Photo Vocab Journals DUE; complete notes on cycles; continue with nutrient cycles questions

Hum – Read and start story analysis for “Lamb to the Slaughter” short story

Tuesday, October 8

Sc – nutrient cycles questions (due today) and vocab review; End period with Vocab Quiz

Hum – Story analysis and character profile paragraph for “Lamb to the Slaughter” – due Wednesday before the hike

Wednesday, October 9 – LINDEMAN LAKE OUT-TRIP

-come prepared with proper layers and footwear
-will be working towards gathering more evidence/information for our Waterways Project
-will complete a PE journal for this hike

Thursday, October 10

PE – Ultimate frisbee

Hum – Start “Original People” work – due Wednesday

(Textbooks cannot be signed out, chapter has been scanned and will be available for a limited amount of time to allow work to be completed outside of class. Chapter is available here: Original People chapter

Friday, October 11

Work period – Waterways Project Day (reminder…due October 24th)

Hum – Waterways Project work day

September 30-October 4

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Monday, September 30Orange Shirt Day AND OUT-TRIP planned

ALL SUBJECTS: Bridal Falls/Cheam Wetlands out-trip – working on gather information and evidence for Waterways Project

Tuesday, October 1

PE – continue with Ultimate frisbee

Humanities – “The Sniper” short story

Wednesday, October 2

Science – start nutrient cycles – water, carbon and nitrogen (questions in prepared notes)

Humanities – “The Sniper” short story response – work period (due Friday)

Thursday, October 3OUT-TRIP planned

ALL SUBJECTS: Chilliwack River Road Fish Hatchery Out-trip – continuing with gathering information and evidence for out Waterways projects

Friday, October 4

ALL SUBJECTS: work period for Photo Journal assignment (DUE MONDAY) and Waterways Project (DUE OCTOBER 24)

Humanities – Remaining notebooks will be checked!


September 23-27

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Waterways portfolio project 2019-20

Waterways portfolio project – Rubric – Single Point with marks

Monday, September 23

Science – continue with Ecology – Greenhouse gas assignment and begin documentary review of “Before the Flood” Documentary Reflection Framework

Humanities – story analysis (in notebook) on “The Necklace”

Tuesday, September 24 – Emergency procedures practice day during career education (advisory)

PHE – outside Tuesday afternoon for minor games

Humanities – continue work on Local Flood Kit (from the museum) plus research with computers for Waterways Project

Flood Info:




Wednesday, September 25

Sc – Continue documentary review of “Before the Flood”

Humanities – answer questions about “Waterways Project” and begin Physiographic Regions of Canada work (Regional Geography) – due Monday

Thursday, September 26

Sc – complete before the flood, collect documentary reviews; introduce Photo Vocab Assignment (Due October 7th) Ecology vocab photo project

Humanities – Physiographic Regions of Canada work – comparison chart – due Monday

Friday, September 27 – Professional Development Day – no school


September 16-20

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Waterways portfolio project 2019-20

Waterways portfolio project – Rubric – Single Point with marks

Monday, September 16

Out-trip: Island 22 – gathering data to support Waterways Project that was introduced Thursday followed by capture the flag – bring a change of socks/shoes

Tuesday, September 17 – PHOTO DAY (bring forms if you are ordering photos)

Science – review for Ecology Vocab Quiz; write QUIZ /20; complete notes on levels of organization in a biosphere

Hum – “Thank You Ma’am” story and characterization work – due Friday

Wednesday, September 18

Out-trip – Mt. Thom – wear proper footwear and dress appropriately for the weather. This will be an afternoon hike

Thursday, September 19

Science – notes on Abiotic Factors affecting ecosystems; complete definitions and questions on back side of prepared notes pages

Humanities – Waterways Research day. Computers are available, plus archival materials from the Chilliwack Museum

Friday, September 20

work period – continue to build your waterways portfolio project

Humanities – Canada Map – due Tuesday

September 9-13

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Monday, Sept. 9

Science – Begin unit 1 (Ecology); unit overview; notes on spheres; How spheres interact assignment – work through an example together

Hum – Descriptive writing assignment based on observations taken during Friday’s river outing. Final draft due Thursday (typed or written, double spaced)

Tuesday, Sept. 10

Science – continue with interacting spheres activity; start on Energy flow (food webs/chains)

PE – risk assessment and PE journal handout for tomorrow’s hike

HUM – mapping activity – Chilliwack map (to be completed in class Thursday)

Wednesday, Sept. 11

Teapot Hill Hike! – where proper footwear/clothing;

PE – complete risk assessment and journal for the location/activity

Thursday, Sept. 12

Science – complete notes on ecological pyramids; begin Ecology vocabulary photo journals

Humanities – finish Chilliwack map, introduce Waterways project

Friday, Sept. 13

Science – complete photo journals – DUE MONDAY – QUIZ TUESDAY!

Humanities – first library visit to get Silent Reading books

September 3rd-6th


Tuesday, Sept. 3

Introduction to GrahamX-9; visit assigned advisories; get together as a group and go through program outline; go through expectations for the year; time for questions about the school/program

Wednesday, Sept. 4

Science – What is an observation? Campus observation assignment

Hum – writing assignment

Thursday, Sept. 5

PE – Risk assessment activity; Introduction to PE Journals

HUM – Reading/Observation activity

Friday, Sept. 6 – River day! (must have consent forms returned in order to participate)

pre-trip – expectations; go over day-plan

PE – fitness run #1

HUM/Sc – River observations on both the North and South sides of the river