X9 Weekly Update

September 28-October 2


Science – Sexual reproduction Diversity and Methods – notes, practice sheet, test review (TEST WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY)

PHE – Tennis/Ultimate


Science – Mitosis/Meiosis and Asexual/Sexual Reproduction Review followed by a unit TEST

PHE – Tennis/minor games

Friday – Harrison Out-Trip!

Please come prepared for the weather. We will be departing at 8:30am and arriving back to school by 1pm (balance of the day will be spent on Career Education)

September 21-25


Science – DNA structure/function QUIZ; Asexual reproduction notes, video and practice sheet

PHE – Vedder River Fitness run


Science – Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis – notes, videos and practice sheet

PHE – “What the Health” nutrition documentary review


TEAPOT OUT-TRIP – please com prepared for the weather, and bring a change of dry clothes for when we return to school

September 11-18, 2020

The focus of this week is to get students comfortable with our new COVID-19 protocols and how school will be operating as we start up the 2020-21 year. We will also be working to get students reacquainted with the online platform of Microsoft Teams while commencing lessons in all four of our subject areas: Science, Social Studies, English, and Physical and Health Education.

Microsoft Teams – This is the platform we used during our province-wide move to online learning last spring. We are aiming to use this as the primary method for delivery of content to students and receiving work from students. You can use your school district login information to access all of the Microsoft Office products online at https://www.office.com/. Please spend some time getting familiar with the Teams app (communicate with other students in our classes, send a message to Mr. Larsen or Mrs. Hartfield, ask other teachers about missing work, etc.). See your Teams app for learning opportunities.

Friday September 11 and Monday, September 14:

**Bring in your signed field trip and medical history forms***

Science – review of cell biology from Grade 8; Lessons 1 and 2 – cell division and mitosis

PHE – introduce the GrahamX philosophy for PHE, including PHE journals; complete self-reflection on health; soccer

Humanities – Course introduction, journal writing, short story work (analysis), Land and History/Geography introduction

*Please bring a notebook, a ruler, and pencil crayons

Tuesday, September 15 and Wednesday, September 16

Science – continue with Mitosis (Cell division and mitosis quiz next class); start DNA structure and function

PHE – risk assessment for Vedder River; complete our first fitness run on the Vedder River

Humanities – independent reading and writing, short story work (focus on character and description), Geography/Natural Resources work

Thursday, September 17 and Friday, September 18

Science – Quiz on cell division and Mitosis; complete structure and function of DNA, mutations and inheritance; DNA QUIZ next class

PHE – minor games with community walk/exploration

Humanities – independent reading and writing, short story work (focus on character and writer’s craft), Indigenous History/Geography