X9 Weekly Update

March 9-16


Science – begin electricity review – TEST THURSDAY


PHE – Group 2 – Curling session #2 – bring an additional pair of shoes

Humanities – Group 1 – Child Labour today &  in the Industrial Revolution – poster due Friday


Science – continue with electricity review (building circuits)

Thursday: – PARENT-TEACHER Interviews (6-8:30pm – signup online)

Science – Electricity TEST

Friday: – EARLY DISMISSAL DAY – out by 11:30am

PHE – journal focus and minor games

March 2-6


Science – complete section 3.4 – parallel loads in homes – group questions – begin section 3.5 on sustainable energy use (notes with BC Hydro bill example)

Humanities – Child Labour – Industrial Revolution – Graphic Organizer


PHE – Group 1 – Curling session #2 – bring an additional pair of shoes

Humanities – Group 2 – Child Labour today &  in the Industrial Revolution – poster due Friday


Science – continue with section 3.5 – concepts 1 and 2

Humanities – Revolutions Project Day 1 – due Thursday, March 12


Science – notes on renewable energy sources; pages 263 #1-4,6

Humanities – Revolutions Project Day 2 – due Thursday, March 12


PHE – River trek from the Blue Heron Nature Reserve to GWG – Dress appropriately


February 24-28

Monday, Feb. 24

Science – Collect series/parallel circuits worksheet; start “Putting it all Together” activity

Tuesday, Feb. 25

Science – continue with “Putting it all Together” activity (DUE THURSDAY)

Wednesday. Feb. 26

PHE – Circuit Training day #4 – come with proper clothing/change of clothes for activity

Thursday, Feb. 27

Science – complete “Putting it all Together” activity; Current electricity QUIZ

Friday, Feb. 28

OUT-TRIP – Teapot Hill Hike – come with proper clothing and footwear for the activity

February 17-21

Monday, Feb. 17Family Day – No School

Tuesday, Feb. 18

Humanities – Compare/Contrast Haitian Revolution and Chinese Cultural Revolution (group work – Venn Diagram)

Science – collect 10.4 GFFSA practice worksheets; notes on series vs parallel circuits; circuit building; QUIZ Thursday

Wednesday, Feb. 19

Humanities – Introduction to the Industrial Revolution – assignment

PHE – circuit training day #3 – bring appropriate clothing

Thursday, Feb. 20

Humanities – Agricultural Revolution – info and writing activity

Science – GFFSA Quiz with Ohm’s  Law

Blueprint – Course selection activity; term 3 blueprint assignments

Friday, Feb. 21 – Professional Development Day – No School

February 3-7

Monday, Feb. 3

PHE – Vedder River Stair fitness run – dress for the weather

Tuesday, Feb. 4

PHE – Skating out-trip – remember to bring your skates or $4 cash to rent skate a pair

Wednesday, Feb. 5

Science – collect questions on pages 199#1-8; Section 3.1 assessment; notes on 3.2 with demo

Humanities – Ms. Lightle (teacher candidate) begins; introduction to the new unit, class and community expectations, introductions as she begins her practicum

Thursday, Feb. 6

Science – demo; notes on 3.3 with videos

Humanities – new Revolutions unit – moving beyond the revolutions we have previously studied and determining the characteristics, focus on cause and consequence

Friday, Feb. 7

Science – complete 3.3 notes; questions #1-8 on page 227; circuit kits

Humanities – looking at the differences between various rebellions and revolutions

January 27-31

Monday, January 27

Sc – intro to Physics – Electricity unit – will be signing out new textbooks to all students (Homework to complete questions 1 and 2 on page 193)

Humanities – Napoleon Biography Notes (from video)

Tuesday, January 28

Sc – continue with electricity; check questions 1 and 2; Activity: Charge It; complete notes (homework page 197 number 1 and 2)

Humanities – Napoleon Article Notes and Timeline

Wednesday, January 29

PHE – introduce Health Unit – “What is Health?” – physical health will be the first focus and will intro the river/stair run and circuit training coming up

Humanities – “Viva La Vida” analysis and Napoleon Timeline

Thursday, January 30

Sc – check questions, Activity on idea energy sources; questions on pages 199#2-6, 8 – assessment Wednesday

Humanities – Napoleon Timeline and paragraph outline; Timeline is due Monday

Friday, January 31

PHE – Fitness Circuits

Humanities – Napoleon Timeline due Monday; In-class write on Napoleon

January 20-24

Monday, January 20

Humanities assessment: 8:30am-11am*

PHE assessment: 12pm-2:30pm*

*students required to be in class for a minimum 1hr15min and are free to leave after that time, once their assessment is done

Tuesday, January 21

Non-GrahamX classes

Wednesday, January 22

Science assessment: 8:30am-11am*

Catch-up period to complete any/all missing work for our 4 classes: 12pm-2:30pm*

*students required to be in class for a minimum 1hr15min and are free to leave after that time, once their assessment is done

Thursday, January 23

Non-GrahamX classes

Friday, January 24

Success Day – 8:30-11am: complete any/all missing work from any of your classes

January 13-17

Monday, January 13

Schools Closed – Snow Day

Tuesday, January 14

Hum – Wrap up French Revolution:

Wednesday, January 15

Hum – French Revolution:

  • Bastille Writing due
  • French Revolution in-class assessment (primary source evidence)

Thursday, January 16

Hum – French Revolution:

  • French Revolution in-class assessment (historical thinking concepts – project based)

Friday, January 17

Bowling Field Trip

January 6-10

Monday, January 6

Sc – start review for midterm (Science Midterm January 21st) – Ecology

Hum – French Revolution – Characteristics of an Absolute Monarch/Louis XIV

*Independent Novel Study due Monday, Jan. 13*

Tuesday, January 7

Sc – continue with Ecology review

Hum – French Revolution – Characteristics of an Absolute Monarch/Louis XIV (due tomorrow)

Wednesday, January 8

Sc – continue with review

Hum – French Revolution work – finish Yertle the Turtle/French Revolution page; p. 72-76 questions (Click here for textbook pages if needed: p. 72-76 of Crossroads)

Thursday, January 9

PHE – play day – on campus minor games

Hum – French Revolution work

Friday, January 10

Sc – continue with review

Hum – French Revolution work

*Independent Novel Study due Monday, Jan. 13*


December 16-20

Monday, December 16

PHE – going outside to play some of the minor games that were created

Tuesday, December 17

Science – Chemistry review – TEST THURSDAY

Wednesday, December 18

PHE – fitness run (5-lap run)

Thursday, December 19

Science – Chemistry Unit TEST

Friday, December 20

Make up day – missing work, tests or quizzes from Science, PHE, Socials and/or English, complete MyBlueprint for term 2


December 9-13

Monday, December 9

Sc – Build a Chemistry unit test (review activity) – 25 questions (5 multiple choice, 5 true/false, 5 fill in the blank vocab, 10 table/Bohr models) with answer key

Humanities – Battle of Quebec/Fall of New France worksheet and graphic organizer

Resource:  p. 247-248

Tuesday, December 10

PHE – complete mini-game projects – full write-up (1/group) along with self/group evaluation (1/person)

Humanities – Battle of Quebec/Fall of New France – add to graphic organizer, article and map response

Wednesday, December 11

Sc – complete Chemistry unit test (actual unit test next week!)

Humanities – Pre-Confederation Canadian History Test – Cartier, Champlain, Acadia, New France, Fall of New France/Battle of Quebec, Seven Years War; Independent Novel Study work

Thursday, December 12

PHE – OUT-TRIP! – Skating at Twin Rinks – Bring your own skates (if you have them) or bring $4 cash to rent a pair, and please dress for the activity. We will be skating from 10-11am

Friday, December 13

PHE – Curling Group B (please make sure you bring a second pair of shoes to go on the ice with, as well as your signed waiver if you have yet to return it to Mr. Larsen)

December 2-6

Monday, December 2

Science – check chemistry homework (worksheet on polyatomic and multivalent ionic compounds); review; quick quiz; begin naming notes

Humanities – advertising techniques; start New France advertisement

Resource: New France Chapter

Tuesday, December 3

PHE – Curling Group A (Hartfield’s Advisory)

Blueprint – Career Ed. lessons

Wednesday, December 4

Science – complete notes on naming compounds;  practice worksheet

Humanities – New France advertisement

Thursday, December 5

PHE – mini-games project – write up/trial

Humanities – New France

Friday, December 6

Science – continue with naming ionic and covalent compounds – practice questions

Humanities – New France project due; The Acadians

November 25-29

Monday, November 25

Science – recap Bohr models and Ionic vs Covalent compounds; notes on chemical formulas; 8.1 DS WS on visualizing formulas

Humanities – go over final draft expectations, work on stories

Tuesday, November 26

-Out trip to Bridlewood trail (afternoon) – will need to will out a PHE journal on the experience

Wednesday, November 27

Science – writing formulas for Ionic compounds; notes on section 8.2 then work through examples on formulas (tennis courts if weather allows)

Humanities – hand in final drafts and complete feedback questions; review video and notes on Cartier and Champlain

Thursday, November 28

Science – continue with writing formulas and complete practice sheet – end class with formula writing quiz (/15)

Humanities – Finish Cartier/Champlain; New France introduction; History Minutes Chart

Friday, November 29 – NO SCHOOL – Pro-D Day

November 18-22

Monday, November 18

Science – collect periodic table activity questions; notes on Atomic Theory and Bohr models; complete first side of 7.2 worksheet

Humanities – planning our short stories (planning page)

(If you were absent, please watch these videos:

Finding Ideas;   CharacterThe Essence of Structure)

Tuesday, November 19

PHE – continuing with our “Create your own Minor Game” project – will be outside

Humanities – Rough draft of stories

Wednesday, November 20

Science – check worksheet; work through CYU page 212 #2,3,7,8,10,11 (as class); recap Bohr models; complete backside of worksheet; QUIZ TOMORROW

Humanities – finish rough draft of stories, start editing

Thursday, November 21

Science – Atomic Structure/Bohr model Quiz (/25); recap ions; introduce bonding

Humanities – Editing and proofreading, start final draft (due next week)

Friday, November 22

Out-trip to Browne Creek Wetlands – please make sure you dress for the weather and physical activity

November 12-15

Tuesday, November 12

*bring in your signed Fort Langley permission form, and please pay your $50 course fee*

Science – continue with Chemistry – Periodic Table group activity

Humanities – if you were absent, please watch this video. On Thursday you will be writing about the importance of natural resources in the development of Canada:

Wednesday, November 13

Out trip – Fort Langley – this trip will be for all 4 blocks so students are responsible for any worked missed in their other two classes for the day

*If you were not on the trip, you must complete the Virtual Field Trip for Fort Langley as this info is needed for Thursday’s activity

Thursday, November 14

Science – complete periodic table group activity

Humanities – Fur trade/Fort Langley wrap up – in-class write

Friday, November 15

PHE – Out-Trip – Bridlewood Trail – be prepared for the weather

November 4-8

Monday, November 4

Science – Begin Unit 2: Chemistry – notes on classification of matter (Chem 1 – section 5.1) – CYU page 156 questions 1, 2, 3ab, 4, 5, 7-11

Tuesday, November 5

PHE – outside for mini-games (hultimate, frennis, ultimate) – dress for the cooler temps!

Wednesday, November 6

Science – continue with Chemistry – check homework, notes on chemical and physical changes; homework – complete 1.2 DS WS (double-sided worksheet)

Thursday, November 7

Science – check 1.2 DS WS (/16), demo on KMT, notes on KMT; Chapter 5 QUIZ tomorrow

Friday, November 8

Science – write quiz (/20), rest of the class practicing lab safety and completing the KMT demo challenge

October 28-31

Monday, October 28

PHE – introduce Lacrosse – going outside to play this week to take advantage of the weather and balance the previous two weeks of a heavier academic focus on Science and Socials. Please dress/prepare accordingly

Humanities 9 –

  • Waterways Wrap Up Quiz (focus on Geography and History)
  • “A Sound of Thunder” Paragraph:
    • What effect does figurative language have in the story “A Sound of Thunder?”
    • Content for this is on last week’s graphic organizer
    • Both are due Tuesday

Tuesday, October 29

CLE10 – computers are booked to complete term 1 CLE10 assignments

Humanities – “A Sound of Thunder” Plot and Character work – due tomorrow

Wednesday, October 30

PHE – continue with Lacrosse unit (outside)

Humanities – Reading story in preparation for Thursday’s short story test

Thursday, October 31

PHE – Lacrosse unit – day 3

Humanities – Short Story Test:

  • Part 1 – Closed Book – Matching terminology from handouts
  • Part 2 – Open Notes – Story analysis work

October 21-25

Monday, October 21

Work period – Waterways Project and prep for Cultus Lake out-trip tomorrow

Humanities – Work period – Waterways

Tuesday, October 22

OUT-TRIP – Cultus Lake and Sweltzer Creek – come prepared with appropriate clothing/footwear

must complete graphic organizer linking trip to the sections of our Waterways Project

Wednesday, October 23

Work period – Last day to work on Waterways Project – DUE TOMORROW

Humanities – Reading “A Sound of Thunder” plus figurative language work (graphic organizer)

Thursday, October 24


PHE – Vedder River Fitness run #2 – be prepared to go outside and participate in physical activity

Friday, October 25 – Professional Development Day – No School

October 15-18

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Tuesday, October 15

Science – Create cheat sheet for Ecology Test Thursday

Humanities – Animals and the Fur Trade Chart (Use this chapter: Arrival of the Traders)

Wednesday, October 16

Science – work period – Waterways project and Ecology review

Humanities – Guest speaker from Sto:lo – Waterways/Aboriginal History

Thursday, October 17 – Parent Teacher interviews from 6-8:30pm

Harrison trip has been rescheduled on account of the heavy rain in the weather forecast

Science – Ecology Test

Hum – Waterways work/activity on Harrison River/Lake and Sumas Lake (document with links: Sumas Lake,Harrison links)

Friday, October 18 – Early Dismissal Day – out at 11:26am

PHE – Ultimate Frisbee

Hum – Waterways work period

October 7-11

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Monday, October 7

Sc – Photo Vocab Journals DUE; complete notes on cycles; continue with nutrient cycles questions

Hum – Read and start story analysis for “Lamb to the Slaughter” short story

Tuesday, October 8

Sc – nutrient cycles questions (due today) and vocab review; End period with Vocab Quiz

Hum – Story analysis and character profile paragraph for “Lamb to the Slaughter” – due Wednesday before the hike

Wednesday, October 9 – LINDEMAN LAKE OUT-TRIP

-come prepared with proper layers and footwear
-will be working towards gathering more evidence/information for our Waterways Project
-will complete a PE journal for this hike

Thursday, October 10

PE – Ultimate frisbee

Hum – Start “Original People” work – due Wednesday

(Textbooks cannot be signed out, chapter has been scanned and will be available for a limited amount of time to allow work to be completed outside of class. Chapter is available here: Original People chapter

Friday, October 11

Work period – Waterways Project Day (reminder…due October 24th)

Hum – Waterways Project work day

September 30-October 4

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Monday, September 30Orange Shirt Day AND OUT-TRIP planned

ALL SUBJECTS: Bridal Falls/Cheam Wetlands out-trip – working on gather information and evidence for Waterways Project

Tuesday, October 1

PE – continue with Ultimate frisbee

Humanities – “The Sniper” short story

Wednesday, October 2

Science – start nutrient cycles – water, carbon and nitrogen (questions in prepared notes)

Humanities – “The Sniper” short story response – work period (due Friday)

Thursday, October 3OUT-TRIP planned

ALL SUBJECTS: Chilliwack River Road Fish Hatchery Out-trip – continuing with gathering information and evidence for out Waterways projects

Friday, October 4

ALL SUBJECTS: work period for Photo Journal assignment (DUE MONDAY) and Waterways Project (DUE OCTOBER 24)

Humanities – Remaining notebooks will be checked!


September 23-27

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Waterways portfolio project 2019-20

Waterways portfolio project – Rubric – Single Point with marks

Monday, September 23

Science – continue with Ecology – Greenhouse gas assignment and begin documentary review of “Before the Flood” Documentary Reflection Framework

Humanities – story analysis (in notebook) on “The Necklace”

Tuesday, September 24 – Emergency procedures practice day during career education (advisory)

PHE – outside Tuesday afternoon for minor games

Humanities – continue work on Local Flood Kit (from the museum) plus research with computers for Waterways Project

Flood Info:




Wednesday, September 25

Sc – Continue documentary review of “Before the Flood”

Humanities – answer questions about “Waterways Project” and begin Physiographic Regions of Canada work (Regional Geography) – due Monday

Thursday, September 26

Sc – complete before the flood, collect documentary reviews; introduce Photo Vocab Assignment (Due October 7th) Ecology vocab photo project

Humanities – Physiographic Regions of Canada work – comparison chart – due Monday

Friday, September 27 – Professional Development Day – no school


September 16-20

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Waterways portfolio project 2019-20

Waterways portfolio project – Rubric – Single Point with marks

Monday, September 16

Out-trip: Island 22 – gathering data to support Waterways Project that was introduced Thursday followed by capture the flag – bring a change of socks/shoes

Tuesday, September 17 – PHOTO DAY (bring forms if you are ordering photos)

Science – review for Ecology Vocab Quiz; write QUIZ /20; complete notes on levels of organization in a biosphere

Hum – “Thank You Ma’am” story and characterization work – due Friday

Wednesday, September 18

Out-trip – Mt. Thom – wear proper footwear and dress appropriately for the weather. This will be an afternoon hike

Thursday, September 19

Science – notes on Abiotic Factors affecting ecosystems; complete definitions and questions on back side of prepared notes pages

Humanities – Waterways Research day. Computers are available, plus archival materials from the Chilliwack Museum

Friday, September 20

work period – continue to build your waterways portfolio project

Humanities – Canada Map – due Tuesday

September 9-13

PLEASE ensure your $50 GrahamX activity fee is paid as soon as possible. Contact Mrs. Hartfield or Mr. Larsen if you have any questions or concerns

Monday, Sept. 9

Science – Begin unit 1 (Ecology); unit overview; notes on spheres; How spheres interact assignment – work through an example together

Hum – Descriptive writing assignment based on observations taken during Friday’s river outing. Final draft due Thursday (typed or written, double spaced)

Tuesday, Sept. 10

Science – continue with interacting spheres activity; start on Energy flow (food webs/chains)

PE – risk assessment and PE journal handout for tomorrow’s hike

HUM – mapping activity – Chilliwack map (to be completed in class Thursday)

Wednesday, Sept. 11

Teapot Hill Hike! – where proper footwear/clothing;

PE – complete risk assessment and journal for the location/activity

Thursday, Sept. 12

Science – complete notes on ecological pyramids; begin Ecology vocabulary photo journals

Humanities – finish Chilliwack map, introduce Waterways project

Friday, Sept. 13

Science – complete photo journals – DUE MONDAY – QUIZ TUESDAY!

Humanities – first library visit to get Silent Reading books

September 3rd-6th


Tuesday, Sept. 3

Introduction to GrahamX-9; visit assigned advisories; get together as a group and go through program outline; go through expectations for the year; time for questions about the school/program

Wednesday, Sept. 4

Science – What is an observation? Campus observation assignment

Hum – writing assignment

Thursday, Sept. 5

PE – Risk assessment activity; Introduction to PE Journals

HUM – Reading/Observation activity

Friday, Sept. 6 – River day! (must have consent forms returned in order to participate)

pre-trip – expectations; go over day-plan

PE – fitness run #1

HUM/Sc – River observations on both the North and South sides of the river